Why Procure

Procure Logistics are a 100% West Australian owned company, who are fast gaining an outstanding reputation in the Crane and Logistics industry.

Our team of managers, operators, riggers and support staff offer a wealth of operational and technical knowledge. Procure Logistics continues to safely overcome the operational daily challenges presented by an ever-changing economy and customer demands.

All Procure Logistics equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to the highest of standards, all our employees are internally trained, versatile and regularly assessed. Procure Logistics adheres to a Quality, Safety & Environmental Management System (QSEMS) to ensure high standards are maintained. Our ISO Accreditation supports and maintains our High standards.

Procure Logistics are a community focused company, who over the years have been a constant contributor of funds and resources, in support of our local community.

ISO Accreditation and Certified QSMS Systems

Procure Logistics are certified for ISO and AS/NZS accreditation.

This involves maintaining and implementing procedure to the required standard. Our Certified QSEMS system applies a process approach to quality management, integrating QSEMS requirements into our business processes, whether primary or support. 

Risk-based thinking is applied as part of the process approach to ensure operations are not only effective, but effectively and efficiently managed. Accordingly, our QSEMS is viewed and documented as a system of processes satisfying clients, and a system effectively managing risks that would result in unsatisfactory performance.

Quality , Safety , Occupational Health and Safety and Environment are of the highest  priorities to Procure Logistics and our clients. T

ISO AND AS/NZS Standards achieved and held by Procure Logistics

ISO 9001:2015    Quality Management Systems 
ISO 45001:2018 | AS/NZS 4801:2001   Occupational Health and Safety Management  Systems 
ISO 14001:2015  Environmental Management Systems 


                                                           ISO Certification PROCURE LOGISTICS